Spotlighting Irish heroes: Nominate someone who 'has gone the extra mile' for EPIC's new exhibition

Do you know someone that has gone the extra mile to help others during the pandemic? Nominate them for the EPIC museum's new, inspirational exhibition.

EPIC The Irish emigration museum recently announced a new exhibition that will spotlight Irish heroes during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Maybe there is a teacher who has gone above and beyond to help children online or a nurse on your street that continues to work long, tiresome hours — these are the kind spirits that the EPIC museum is looking to recognise in its new exhibition.

Irish heroes come in all shapes and sizes


“Around the world Irish people have stepped up to help others - working on the front line, volunteering in hospitals and care settings, donating their factories and workforces to making PPE, developing tech solutions to health problems and gathering communities together to raise funds for those who need them," said the museum.

“Children have painted rainbows in their front windows to cheer their neighbours. Appreciation for front line workers is displayed on tricolours hung from balconies. 

“Teachers have devised innovative class activities for children at home. Musicians and artists have raised spirits by entertaining from their homes. 

“We want to ensure the stories of generosity, kindness, innovation and support during this time are acknowledged and preserved for future generations. Help us find and recognise the people making a difference, big or small, making their contribution part of the #EPICIrish exhibition.”

How to share your story


If there is someone that you would like to nominate, simply visit the EPIC website and fill in an online form with the nominee’s name, story and any additional pictures or videos you may have as well.

Your nomination could be a special personal experience, about your town or community or someone who has made a significant difference to the lives of others during the crisis. 

It could also be a video, a performance, a reading or an artwork that inspired you and made you feel a little less isolated.

After your submission, you will be notified via email whether your story has been selected to be shared on the museum’s social media platforms or included in the exhibition itself.

It's so important to stick together as a community during these worrisome times and we're delighted to see EPIC recognising those who continue to encourage and support one another across the nation.


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