'Sophie is lying through Connor's teeth' – and other reactions to last night's Love Island

Tension is seriously rising in the Love Island villa. Here's what viewers had to say about last night's episode

Sophie might not be as sweet-natured as Love Island viewers originally thought. Tuesday night's episode showed the Essex-native tell three versions of the same story, only landing on the truth when pressed by her fellow islander, Connagh.

He knew that she had kissed Connor behind his back, but when he raised the issue with Sophie, she said it didn't happen. Then she said it was only a peck, before revealing it actually was a proper snog. Viewers were not impressed by her fibbing in the slightest.

The drama continued with islanders Shaunagh and Callum, as the pair came to terms with an attractive newcomer in the villa. Despite being coupled-up since day one of the series, Shaunagh has felt threatened not once, but twice, by the arrival of new ladies. With Callum being eyed-up by Rebecca (a part-time model and carer), she's ready to do anything to keep her man.


Here's how viewers reacted to last night's episode:




Photo: Love Island, ITV

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