We're all sick of working out at home, but this YouTube ballet workout makes a great change

Venturing outside for exercise is proving less and less desirable this time of year, but this good YouTube workout has been our saving grace

Obviously fresh air is very important, and getting out of the house is a big benefit to your health, both physical and mental. But for those evenings that you just can't muster the will to step out for a run, we've found a brilliant workout on YouTube that will work just as well.

Mary Helen Bowers is a professional ballerina based in the US, who, through her YouTube channel Ballet Beautiful, posts beautiful and challenging ballet workouts to try at home — from beginners to advanced.

You can choose barre sessions, or more pilates or yoga-based exercises, but this video on lean legs and buns is one of our favourites for working out the lower body.


The beauty of working out at home means you can go at your own pace — pause the video if you don't understand a move, or take a quick water break if you're feeling the burn a bit too intensely. Take it as many or as few times as you like, and build your strength slowly.

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