Lisa Hannigan

We want to hang out with Lisa Hannigan. Her music has an off-the-charts feel good factor and she's so genuine that when she does a shout out to her parents (at virtually every home gig), the whole audience cheers too and wants to hug them. We love that she's supported Glen Hansard on his world tour (and backed up Ray Lamontagne before that) but has time to pop into The Fumbally to cheer up friends at an impromptu gig.? And did we mention she makes ?champagne? out of plonk in a Soda Stream and is not only pitch perfect but word perfect?

I don't know if you can dance

If the thought ever occurred to you

If you eat what you've been given or you push it around your plate

I'd like to cook for you all the same

I would want to


I am game


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