Marriage Equality: Irish Guy Phones Nana

Ahead of the upcoming referendum for marriage equality, various efforts are being made to ensure that any person in Ireland, regardless of their sexual orientation, will soon have the right to marry whomever it is they love. While you ponder how to vote, take time to have a gander at this incredible video below. Get the tissues ready first though because we've all been reduced to tears...happy tears, of course but tears nonetheless.

An online campaign has asked people to phone their grannies and chat about voting coming up in May. Will they be voting yes or no? Do they support their gay grandkids and marriage equality? This one video is from YouTuber James Mitchell who made the brave decision to film his phone call.

Though he knew his grandmother had never had a bad word to say about him, he admits that they've never once discussed his sexuality. James is visibly nervous as he makes the call, but as he'd hoped, his grandmother is nothing but supportive.

James' emotions soon get the better of him, and ours do too.


Tissues at the ready!

Via and The Daily Edge.

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