Interview: Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts might be something of a reluctant A-lister, but with an acclaimed new role and a beauty deal with L?Or?al Paris, she's more than earned her place in the spotlight.
The actress talks to IMAGE about life as a working mother and shares her beauty secrets and tips for living well.

The chances of bumping into Naomi Watts tomorrow are pretty slim, granted, but should your worlds collide, the odds are high that it'll be on the streets of New York, looking fresh-faced with her kids in tow, rather than on a glittering red carpet, accompanied by an entourage and bodyguards employed to keep an eye on borrowed accessories. The reason for this is simple: Watts is part of a new breed of immeasurably talented actors who work hard, accomplish much, but then like to go home and switch off entirely. She only comes out to play when a big project or publicity tour demands it. Mind you, if our home lives included a husband who looked like Liev Schreiber, we'd be pretty happy to clock off too.

Despite the media attention that goes with being a star of such calibre and one-half of a Hollywood golden couple, Naomi Watts isn't afraid of being papped in her tracksuit bottoms and wet hair. Although she'd obviously prefer not to get caught by the snappers looking less than her best, she's also a hands-on mother of two who has publicly acknowledged that she can't always look polished and light bulb-ready. This makes her infinitely more real and relatable: a point that hasn't been missed by one of the world's largest beauty brands, who have just signed her up to their illustrious fold. The actress is the?newest spokesperson for L?Or?al Paris, joining Julianne Moore, Freida Pinto,
Eva Longoria, Blake Lively and Jane Fonda.

Born in England - her father was a sound engineer for Pink Floyd - her parents split when she was four, and her father passed away when Watts was only seven. The family went to live with her grandparents in Wales before moving to Australia a few years later. There, Watts studied acting and launched what was to become a stellar career. Blending English wit and Australian charm, Naomi chooses her roles with great care. She first got noticed in the film Flirting (1991) alongside Nicole Kidman, Thandie Newton and Noah Taylor, although it was her breakthrough performance in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive (2001) that lit up the screen and had respected directors standing up and taking notice. The role earned her Best Actress awards from esteemed organisations and helped propel her to the list of box office bankables - a select rotary of stars that command ticket sales, merely by their association.

Naomi's life and loves...


Your typical day?

?I make the kids breakfast and do the school run, and if I'm not working, I'll go to an exercise class, catch up on some reading, and have lunch with friends.?

What cause matters most to you?

?I've been working with UNAIDS for years. I think their work with women and children globally is essential.?

How do you spend your free time?

?I like to cook as often as
I can for my kids. It's easy to eat out or get something delivered in New York, but I think they enjoy it cooked for them at home. Always fish and vegetables or
roast chicken.?

Top destinations?


?Paris; I love walking the Luxembourg Gardens. Five minutes from the centre of Sydney and you're at a beautiful beach. In LA, you drive an hour to get to the beach, and it's nothing the ones in Australia.?

How do you get red-carpet ready?

?A Joanna Vargas oxygen facial and a stellar team of professionals!?

Travel essentials?

?A cashmere blanket, my iPad mini, a good moisturiser, and L?Or?al Paris Sublimist.?

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