Interiors Pinspiration: 8 Last-Minute Halloween Decor Ideas and Recipes

It's almost All Hallows' Eve and we're feeling unprepared, so this week on Pinterest we've been hunting down some much-needed quick and easy Halloween decor inspiration and terrifyingly good treats...

I'm a real wimp about all things genuinely scary, but I can really get on board with the more coward-friendly aspects of Halloween - i.e. OTT decor and unashamedly sugar-loaded snacks.

I find the messy task of disemboweling a pumpkin strangely satisfying although the faces on mine tend to be more happy-go-lucky than horrifying - and love watching them light up the windows as I prepare to watch Hocus Pocus and gorge on Haribo with my loved ones.


But for some reason, perhaps because of its innate eeriness, Halloween somehow always manages to sneak up on me. One minute, I'm waving goodbye to the August bank holiday, the next it's the week before October 31st and I'm frantically trying to hunt down the last non-wizened pumpkin in the supermarket. This year, I'm even more behind the times than usual and these speedy Halloween fixes that I've pillaged from Pinterest might just have to save the day.

Click through the gallery above in fullscreen mode for some ingenious 11th-hour Halloween ideas.

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