IMAGE Publications says NO to disposable cups in the workplace

  • by IMAGE

IMAGE Publications are very proud to announce themselves as Ireland’s first disposable cup-FREE publisher. 

As a company that is passionate about social causes, the environment and the way in which our actions affect it; we are putting our money where our mouths are. 

In recent years IMAGE has made a conscious effort to reduce our waste and increase our recycling, but the presence of non-biodegradable, takeaway coffee cups in the office still bothered us.

Takeaway cups take hundreds of years to decompose, and because less than 1% are recycled, they add a significant bulk to the world’s landfill sites.


Although many cafes and restaurants around the country are making efforts to use biodegradable cups and packaging, the continued presence of plastic in our office left us concluding that enough was not being done, and action needed to be taken.

Thankfully, the kind people at KeepCup supported our endeavour, by collaborating with our Digital Editor, Dominique McMullan to create a sleek, black, bespoke glass IMAGE KeepCup for every member of the team. In doing so we hope to lead by example and encourage other companies to follow suit in making a conscious effort in reducing the plastic consumption of employees in the workplace.

It’s a small change to make but one that wields really positive results in the long run. What’s more, it means we can continue to fuel our coffee addictions, safe in the knowledge that no landfill sites will grow in size as a result – hurrah!

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