How to Have the Perfect Work Day

Between sprinting through the front door pulling on our jackets and accidentally swallowing a glass of mouthwash we could have sworn was orange juice, we're not always the most organised of the early risers. Let's just say we've lost more than one of our travel mugs to the floors of Dublin's public transport.

However, expert help is finally on hand. Our friends at The Huffington Post have made the ultimate graph to tell us among other things, when exactly is the best time to meditate, and when it's OK to watch cat videos at your desk. It's even colour-coded?


So, here's the TL:DR/was-too-busy-watching-cat-videos version:


6.30-7.30: Wake up, DO NOT check your e-mail, and eat a breakfast high in protein and fat.

7.30-9.00: Exercise/make your way to work (running desperately for 25m after the bus probably counts as both).

9.00-12.10: Work broken up by chatting with colleagues and snacks.

12.10-1.10: Lunch with a colleague out of the office.

1.10-6.00: Work broken up by five-minute meditation breaks (stick your headphones in and listen to some tracks from The Irish Mindfulness Institute), and catching up on one or two cute kitten/laughing baby videos.

6.00-7.00: Post-work socialising/checking out that new caf? you've meant to go to for months now.

7.30-8.00: Eat dinner (should be three hours before bed apparently).


8.00-8.30: Record daily wins in diary (an idea that we can definitely get behind.)

8.30-10.00: Relax.

10.00-11.00: Smartphone-free zone (hard to achieve but we'll try).

11.00: Bedtime, somehow obtaining 7-8 hours of recommended sleep, even if you've an early alarm set.

Well, if it involves desk yoga and not dropping our phones on our faces in bed, we're willing to give it a try?


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