Grey's Anatomy actress calls out Net-A-Porter for lack of diversity on interview set

Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo called out Net-A-Porter for their lack of diversity on-set during a roundtable discussion.

Pompeo (along with Gabrielle Union, Gina Rodriguez and Emma Roberts), took part in a segment for the fashion company called 'The Big Television Debate'. The aim of the discussion was to examine inequality in the entertainment industry.

When the conversation turned to equal representation both in front and behind the camera, the actress addressed the lack of diversity she was seeing in front of her. Talking about the Net-A-Porter set, Pompeo said, “This day has been incredible, and there’s a ton of women in the room. But I don’t see enough colour. I didn’t see enough colour when I walked in the room today.”

"We can all do better. It’s our job. We’ve created the problem...”

The actress added, "I had a meeting with a director of another endorsement project that I’m doing where I said, ‘You know, when I show up on set, I would like to see the crew look like the world that I walk around in every day.


"I think it’s up to all productions to make sure that your crew looks like the world we see. As Caucasian people, it’s our job. It’s our task. It’s our responsibility to make sure we speak up in every single room we walk into and say this is not ok and that we can all do better. It’s our job. We’ve created the problem.”

This is not the first time the Grey's star has tackled inequality. In January of this year, she made headlines when fighting for a pay increase for the show she was the star of. Pompeo was getting paid less than her male co-star Patrick Dempsey, saying, "At one point, I asked for $5,000 more than him – just on principle – because the show is Grey's Anatomy and I'm Meredith Grey. They wouldn't give it to me." The actress managed to negotiate a $20 million salary after Dempsey left.

After her comments, people on social media commended the actress for speaking up and engaging with the issue head-on.


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