Ginger: The Fat-Fighting Superhero

Not getting the most from your workout? There's one superfood you may be missing out on: ginger.

Yes, the humble ginger, that works a treat in everything from cold-busting hot drinks to your mid-week stir-fry (not to mention how magical it is in cocktails), has yet another fascinating health property.

According to the March issue of Women's Health, who cite the Journal of Exercise and Fitness, this Asian staple can cut an average of 4.1kg of body fat over 10 weeks when combined with strength training. That's pretty significant, right?

What makes us rush off to the nearest supermarket even quicker, however, is the news that just 1 teaspoon per day is all you need to start seeing results. Research also suggests that combining your ginger intake with protein actually doubles the speed at which it reaches your muscles.


So, who's for a high-protein, ginger-infused stir-fry tonight then?

One of our favourite ways to enjoy ginger is in a cup of hot water, along with some manuka honey and fresh lemon. Whether you're under the weather or not, this will keep your immune system in tip top condition.


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