"It's A Constant Work In Progress": Kathryn Thomas' 3 Tips To Instant Confidence

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We all struggle with our self-image at times, we spoke to broadcaster and creator of Pure Results Boot Camp, Kathryn Thomas about her top tips to instantly feel more confident.

We talk about equality all the time and we are making progress. But as one half of the planet's population, the disempowerment and marginalisation of women in different parts of the world and in different guises mean changing social norms, can seem like a collective mountain too high to climb.

But, on a personal and individual level, empowering yourself, and building your confidence, is something that any woman can actively work on. And that can only help toward defeating those disempowering, marginalising views. So, by building your own confidence, in the short and long term, you are benefiting everyone. You see? You really are here to make a difference!!

To boost your own confidence, there are a number of small, little things you can do. Little things, like posture. Good posture can prop up your confidence. Mindfully, standing tall with your shoulders back tells your brain you are better able to deal with a situation. Exercise a couple of times a week can boost endorphin production and thus confidence levels. Write down little reminders of all the times you felt adventurous or bold, those moments where you thought ?I can't believe I'm doing this!!!? and keep them in your arsenal when the confidence engines are running low. Also, splash out on your favourite perfume! Studies have shown that women who wear perfume tend to feel more confident in about any situation.


The problem with a lot of these tips though is that they feel like hacks, little ways you can trick yourself into believing you are a confident woman. There has to be something more enduring and realistic that can help women who struggle with self-esteem build up their confidence, in a lasting way.

Be Yourself

Easier said than done sometimes!!!! But truer words have never been said. Back before the whole globe was communicating with each other, women were peg-holed into a few distinct types and existing outside of those was cause for a great deal of trauma, shaming and humiliation. But with industrial revolutions, technological revolutions and an ever-changing?world, the global village, has shown us that there are so many different, exciting and brand new ways for women to be. That means the way women sometimes feel like outsiders or uncomfortable in their own skin has been disproven and you can exist however you want to be. Just be yourself, because that's what you know how to do best, and we are always more confident in the things we know how to do best.

Talk To Yourself Nicely

There isn't a woman alive who doesn't have that little inner voice, a constant running commentary, telling her of all the ways she has failed and is terrible. The fancy wording for this is imposter syndrome, which hits successful women pretty hard, convincing them that they don't deserve anything, much less success. The key here is to not only consciously talk to yourself (it's weird, but you'll move past it in time) but to do so nicely, and gently. Everyone likes being buttered up a little bit and consistently making effort to go gently with yourself can do wonders for how perception influences your confidence. In other words: when you are running out the door or walking into a meeting or up to your neck in baby vomit, tell yourself you are the queen and the total bomb every morning!!

Build Trust And Take Care

Society spends a lot of time telling women how they, their bodies, etc. regularly betray them. And how is anyone supposed to have confidence if they hardly trust themselves? It's important to rebuild trust in yourself, your body and your instincts. Trust breeds an unshakeable confidence. Still, building any kind of trust takes time. And it starts with care. Be nice to yourself. Stop criticising everything you do or how you look. Listen to your own breathing. Acknowledge the messages your body sends you. Give yourself time and space to exist and remember that you are here, and that women face struggles all the time so to get here, you have achieved something great. And that's more than enough to be confident about.


The Empowerment of women is what we are all about at Pure Results! Body, mind and soul. For more information on Pure Results Bootcamp or to check availability visit?www.pureresultsbootcamp.com/book?

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