Can't Cope Cabana

The World Cup is actually about more than soccer, it's a male objectification festival...

Dear everyone warning us on Facebook and Twitter that if we say one thing, one little minute teeny tiny thing, about the World Cup we're getting muted - pipe down.

The World Cup is the best thing ever. It's a festival of diverse and gorgeous men held every four years and all you have to do to enjoy it is sit in a bar with a wide-screen television. You can even stay at home and order pizza in. You're not let complain, especially when the parade of jerseys is this good looking. They literally all look like they should star in a Shonda Rhimes football-hospital set drama.

We've already done the office pool and everyone is giving Miss Brazil evil eyes, but now we're doing homework on what team wins the Most Handsome Prize. The Most Handsome Prize is a framed photo of David Ginola. Check out our gallery above and then get ready for the Brazil versus Croatia match tonight at 9pm GMT.


Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun


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