Mother's Day: Treat your mum to a weekend at Beauty Festival

Mother's Day is just one week away (March 31, for anyone who's forgotten), and we think our mammies deserve to be spoiled. Moving away from the typical 'box of chocolates' she got last year, in 2019, we're treating our mums to something special. Something she'll love, learn from and remember forever...

Appreciating your Irish Mammy

Let's not beat about the bush; motherhood is hard. It's one thing to manage your own life; it's something else entirely to fend for a family.

Sometimes you want to pull your hair out, other times you wish they'd all just 'Sshhh'. But no matter how mad they make you feel, you'll always love them anyway.

When we're so caught up in raising our own children, it's easy to forget that our own mothers did this too. They were the ones pulling their hair out when we just would not go to sleep. They put food on the table, prepared our school uniforms, and helped to shape us into the women we are today. We owe them a lot.


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This year, more than ever, we want to acknowledge mothers in all forms. Whether she's your 'mum', 'mam' or 'mom'; whether she's your mother-in-law or grandmother, we think she deserves something special.

Make it a gift for both of you

While flowers and chocolates are great, they're gone (dead and eaten) within a week. This year, we're focusing on experiential presents; an experience that will stem magical memories to last a lifetime.

The joy of gifting an experience, such as tickets to the IMAGE Beauty Festival, is that you can enjoy it too. Make a weekend of it – a two-day, mother-daughter date – whereby you spend quality time together while indulging in all things beauty.

Sure, Mother's Day is about giving, but that doesn't mean you can't join in on the action too.

What is Beauty Festival?


The IMAGE Beauty Festival, powered by Samsung, is the first event of its kind in Ireland. For two whole days, attendees will be transported to an amazing world of treatment tutorials, celebrity guests, masterclasses, free gifts and more.

Taking place at Point Square in Dublin on May 25-26, the immersive experience will leave you feeling joyful and inspired (plus you’ll get an impressive gift bag worth over €100 at the end).

Why your mum will love it

Beauty Festival is perfect escapism from everyday worries and stress. With so many talks, workshops, masterclasses and experiences going on, your mum can leave all of her troubles behind; focusing on nothing but herself (and maybe which talk she'd like to listen to next).

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It's also easy to get to, with parking nearby and the LUAS stopping right outside. Throw in the many places to eat nearby, and she'll have a wonderful time.



If you want to bring your mum for an unforgettable weekend in the heart of the Irish capital, tickets for Beauty Festival are available now.

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