Irish kids are being asked to record a 20-second love song about their favourite things

Does your child love music? This Irish cultural centre has launched a virtual song project for kids

With schools closed, it can be difficult to keep the little ones entertained at home. This interactive music project for children might help.

The Ark, which is a cultural centre for children based in Dublin, is inviting kids from all over Ireland to create a 20-second love song about their favourite thing.

Whether it's their favourite colour, place, pet, food, activity, person or sound – this is an opportunity to get them thinking creatively, while also learning about what it takes to make a song.


How to get involved

Children over the age of six (with the help of a parent or guardian) are invited to download this worksheet from The worksheet will help them figure out what their song will be about, the words of the song, as well as the tune to sing it to.

"When you are ready, ask a grown-up to help record your love song as an audio file on their phone," the Ark asks. "Then, using this link, you can send your audio recording to us."

From 11 am on Saturday, April 4, children will be able to hear their song (plus the songs of other children) via a virtual installation on Songs will continue to be uploaded to the website until April 19.

Why a love song?

The Ark had originally teamed up with Belgian composer, Serge Verstock, to create an installation of 200 heart-shaped recording devices. These devices would then be displayed at the BIG BANG Dublin music festival, where they would play individual love songs.

However, the festival has since been cancelled because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. So, the Ark is inviting children to make their own love songs for a virtual installation instead.


Feature photo: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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