And The Sexiest Man Alive is...

Thor actor and possible real life god Chris Hemsworth has been deemed People's Sexiest Man Alive after a shirtless fight that saw many handsome actors, singers and sports personalities leave the battle arena bloodied and sweaty, still sexy, just not the sexiest.

Hemsworth's crowning was announced on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last night and we have to say fair play to the Australian hunk. We were one very divided office last year when Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine was declared the Sexiest Man Alive. Levine is a divisive Sexiest Man, especially after that music video where he plays a stalker butcher and has animal sex with his wife.

Hemsworth joins a distinguished line of Sexiest Men. Former stripper Channing Tatum was 2012's Sexiest Man and Ryan Reynolds? was bestowed the honour in 2010. Reynolds made history as the first Canadian to win. Johnny Depp has been on the list twice. However his hipster bangle lady routine of late has probably seen a lifetime ban initiated against him. Hugh Jackman has also been listed as well as Matt Damon (2007), George Clooney (2006 and 1997), Ben Affleck (2002) and Matthew McConaughey (2005). Denzel Washington remains the only African-American to have topped People's list (1996).

sexiest man

But what about Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Robert Pattinson, Idris Elba and Jamie Dornan? Thankfully, People have made a list of the contenders - see below - and Fifty Shades? Dornan is on the list. We'll just be in the kitchen making tea and passionate, argumentative conversation.


1. Chris Hemsworth

2. Chris Pratt

3. Jamie Dornan

4. Ki Hing Lee

5. Blake Shelton

6. Bradley Cooper

7. Matt Bomer


8. Michael Strahan

9. Eddie Redmayne

10. Scott Foley (Remember him from Felicity! Go Scott.)

11. Tim Tebow

Who do you think should have made the list?

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