These Are The Ages You Peak At Everything

A range of scientific studies compiled by Business Insider UK?have?pin-pointed the 'peaks' in our human lives, for physical and mental achievements, or just certain skills. ?Here are the ages you can expect to 'peak'...

7 years old: Learning New Languages

While this is still up for debate, it's commonly accepted that it's easiest to learn a new language at 7 years old.

22 years old:?Remembering Names


Do you forget someone's name the minute you meet them? Apparently, that's less likely to happen at 22 years old.

23 years old:?Women's Attractiveness Peak To Men

Well this is grim. It should be noted that this is according to the book of the co-founder of dating site OKCupid, which said it's male users, no matter how old, find women in their early 20s most attractive. Women in their 20s on the site, on the other hand, tended to like men a year or two older than they were, where women in their 30s tended to like men slightly younger than them.

23 years old: Life Satisfaction

Jesus, peak attractiveness and life satisfaction happen at 23. Do you think these two are connected? I'm 24 and I can't confirm the accuracy of these 23-year-old peaks. But the science behind 23-year-old life satisfaction is according to a'study of 23,000 Germans which found 23-year-olds to be particularly satisfied with life.

25 years old: Muscle Strength

25 years old is when your muscles are their strongest, but apparently they'll stay like this for another 10 to 15 years.


26 years old: Finding A Marriage Partner

Is this list getting stressful yet? Let me tell you reader, it is all downhill from here. The reason 26-years-old is peak Find A Marriage Partner age is based on something called the 37% Rule and is about as romantic as it sounds. Essentially, if you're looking for love between the ages of 18 and 40, the optimal age to start seriously considering your future husband or wife is just past your 26th birthday (37% into the 22-year span), because before that you'll miss out on better quality partners you may not have met yet, and after that, the good options are less available. I know, this is the stuff of poetry.

28 years old: Running A Marathon

The average age to complete a marathon in just over two hours, according to this?50-year analysis of marathons, was?28.

30 years old:?Bone Mass

If you weren't too excited about being at your peak Running A Marathon age - at least you've got your strongest and densest bones to look forward to when you hit 30!


31 years old: Playing Chess

Finally, am I right? I was wondering how many years it was going to take me to nail down the sport of white conservative old men. Someone tell Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke that the reason there's no women in the Top 100 Chess Players isn't that we are, in his words, "weaker, smaller and less intelligent", it's because we're too busy at our peak chess-playing-age looking for the marriage partner that was supposed to appear when we were 26 years old and being excited about our peak bone mass.

40 years old: Making A Nobel Prize Winning Discovery

According to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the average age when Nobel Prize-winning research is done is 40.

50 years old: Math

It doesn't matter that you spent all those years learning theorems at school,?50 years old?is the best age for answering arithmetic questions quickly, and presumably finishing a maths question?in 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

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69 years old: Life Satisfaction (Again)

Hurray! If it didn't hit you at 23, don't worry! According to this study, you only have to wait another 46 years to get life satisfaction back again. Sweet.

74 years old: Happiness With Your Body

You know all the time you spend wondering should I be in better shape? Will I join a gym? Should I get a personal trainer? Should I get braces? Are those wrinkles? Do I need botox? Will I get my teeth whitened? Should I have bigger lips or bigger brows or bigger boobs or a bigger arse? Why aren't my legs more toned? Is it because I eat the 120g size bar of Dairy Milk every day? Well fret not, dear reader, for you are wasting your time. It only lasts until you are 74! Then you can enjoy your remaining years knowing this is as good as it gets baby!

82 years old: Psychological Well-Being

Okay this list started off fun (I might win a Nobel Prize in 20 years!) and ended up stressful (I might feel like this until I die!). The science behind reaching your psychological well-being at 82 years old is based on?a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.


I wouldn't take this too seriously. I know there's studies and science and stuff to back it up, but it's not actually facts. Because apparently, I have just passed my peak attractiveness to men and my peak life satisfaction. And my next milestones are peak muscle strength and peak finding a marriage partner. Which I can assure you is all wrong. There must have been a mistake. It's a mistake right?

See the full list via Business Insider UK.?Featured image from @polarbur.

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