6 family friendly movies on Netflix that you and the kids will enjoy this weekend

A very unusual Easter weekend is almost here, and Netflix just might be the whole family's saving grace 

Yes, yes, I know you're probably sick of Netflix at this point, but where would you be without it? As an Easter weekend minus the family visits and outings looms, it's tough to know how you're going to fill the hours of free time between Friday and Monday evening. Netflix is not a solution to all of those hours by any means (it is lovely weather for a walk in the 2km radius after all) but for a fair chunk, you can't go wrong with a family movie marathon.

Kids movies are a dime a dozen on Netflix, but as we all know, some kids movies reign supreme, and those are the ones that the adults can enjoy just as much as the children. Hidden gags, beautiful animation and genuinely interesting storylines are all to be found in this list, that will hopefully get you through the Easter weekend and beyond.

Peter Rabbit


Watchers of all ages will be familiar with the wondrous creations of Beatrix Potter, but this modern retelling of the classic books is a genuinely brilliant watch. Funny, entertaining and some great voices involved, it's a well suited watch for the weekend that's in it.

Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers

As a short film, The Wrong Trousers will only set you back half an hour, but it's one of the most entertaining half hours you'll have this weekend. Wallace and Gromit were a massive part of my childhood, and I've always had a soft spot for them, but even as an adult, this crime thriller (I say that without a hint of irony, Feathers McGraw is a true supervillain) definitely holds up in the humour department. The fact that they can't recognise him when he has the rubber glove on his head still makes me laugh.

Spirited Away


I only bore witness to this stunning Studio Ghibli creation recently myself, and I can't wait to watch it again as it's become a real comfort watch for me. Spirited Away tells the story of Chihiro, a young girl who must try to save her parents when they become trapped in a ghostly abandoned theme park that comes alive in the shadows. The animation in this movie is truly stunning, and when paired with brilliant music, and a heartwarming story and characters, it definitely hits the mark for a great weekend watch.


Originals only here folks. The 1995 Jumanji has Robin Williams in it and therefore, no sequel can ever come close. It's funny, it's scary and, for a film made almost 30 years ago, the special effects surprisingly still hold up.


A true modern classic that has never aged and probably never will. Shrek is the unlikely hero tasked with rescuing fair Princess Fiona, along with his very irritating (and very funny) sidekick Donkey. Along the way, they learn about real beauty, real friendship and which foods have layers.


The Road to El Dorado

A criminally underrated Dreamworks movie that I insist everyone watches at least once during lockdown. The Road to El Dorado tells the story of two swindlers who stow away with Cortez, the evil Spanish conquistator, who is in search of the lost city of gold (you're getting your history in here too guys). The pair end up discovering what they believe to be the city themselves, and are welcomed warmly by the Mayan people, only to have Cortez come after them to claim what he believes is his. Between truly great gags, gorgeous animation and an original soundtrack by Elton John (he didn't just do the Lion King, you know) this movie deserves far more hype.

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