5 Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Goals

As it's almost the end of January by now, we're going to assume that all of your best intentions for the 7.30 pre-work gym visits have like our own, quickly dissipated. And to be honest, that might be because spending your evening jogging alone in an empty gym and watching endless silent ?breaking news? updates on the gym television screen isn't really ever going to be that fun.

After making and breaking some of the most ridiculous gym commitments ourselves for years now, we've learned a thing or two about eradicating the tedium from your January plan to get fit.

1. Find a friendly fit

The number one thing that will actually make you want to wrap up and leave your toasty apartment for a jog around the block is the commitment to a fellow suffering friend that you would do so. Be clear about what you'd both like to achieve and set aside one evening a week to try out a new class or to lash past each other in the pool together. If you're still finding things dull, create some friendly competition to push your fitness in the right direction.


At the very least, the extreme guilt you'll feel knowing they'll have to partner up with a stranger in your Pilates class is usually enough to get you off the couch. Note: It is easier to do all this with a friend who is still in the habit of eating carbs.

2. Forget the treadmill

Running with no intention of getting anywhere on a torturous machine inside has to be one of the most boring pastimes the human race has ever created. Don't even consider stepping up on the treadmill when you could be upstairs trying out dance classes, pole fitness or trampoline fitness instead, and actually having a laugh in the process, which can only add to your abs. Just saying.

3. Edit your drinks

There is truly nothing more grim than staring down the end of your new gym bottle, trying to gulp down your second litre of water and tasting nothing but plastic. Instead, pop some lemon, berries, kiwi or cucumber in for a few added vitamins and hydration that doesn't taste awful.


4. Get some new gym gear

This has to be the easiest and most rewarding way to get in shape. Penneys have definitely won the award for cutest gym wear this year and suddenly having fab leggings you need to fit into has genuinely got us up and running to our new fitness classes.

Plus you at least feel the part, even if you honestly don't have a clue what any of the machines do in your gym and they all just remind you a bit of Fifty Shades.

5. Take the help of technology

There are so many great yoga and pilates instructors to follow on Instagram. We love yoga extraordinaire Kathryn Budig and New York yogi genius Tara Stiles. If you're less committed to a daily pose and just want to make sure you actually achieve something which each day you're sent, we love HabitList. Like more? Here are another three extremely handy health apps while you're floating around the app store.


What's your best tip for sticking to your workout regime?


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