4 Last Minute NYE Decorations To Make At Home

Happy New Year's Eve! Remember Christmas Eve, when you went out for that "quiet pint" and invited everyone around to yours for New Years?

Now texts are rolling in, asking what guests should bring and whether you have enough Champagne glasses and suddenly... has someone attached ice-blocks to your feet? Here are a few ideas to get your home into the celebratory spirit quickly and make it seem like you've had more than 36 hours to prepare without exhausting yourself, because it is Christmas after all.

Twinkle Light Jar

This is as simple as it says on the jar. Using a clean wine bottle, or glass jar, thread in a set of twinkly lights. Pop it in a corner for some mood-setting without the candle-lit fire hazard. If you haven't got any lights or can't spare stripping the Christmas tree of some, Penneys, Tiger and IKEA have some battery operated options you can choose from.


Confetti Balloons

Make your own confetti balloons with some clear balloons (available in most art and hobby stores) and fill like loose glitter, cut-up crepe paper or, if you're got some spare tinsel lying around, create your own confetti by giving it a bit of a trim. Using a funnel, fill each balloon with some confetti and then you can invite people to pop them at midnight for a glittery celebration.

Crepe Paper Garland

This one looks complex but is actually super simple. All you need is some string, a scissors, tape and crepe paper. Layering a few sheets of crepe paper together, pinch them along the centre to create a bow effect. Tape around the pinch to keep it all in place. Now, cut the paper into strips either side of the tape until you have a pom-pom effect. Still in the bow-formation, lie flat on a table and place a piece of string along the central pinch. Fold one side over the other, keeping the string in the centre and secure with more tape. Repeat along string and then hang it up!

Tinsel 2018


If you're feeling super creative why not try some tinsel numbering. Using some garden wire, bend it into the shape of each number. Tip: Draw the numbers out on A4 pages and then use as a guide to bend the wire. Once you've got your required shapes, wrap some tinsel around the wire and secure with more wire. Either prop them up on a shelf or mantlepiece, or hang them up with some string.

Now all you need to dig out sparkly dress and celebrate!

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