10 Beauty Trial Tips for Brides

Ellie's inside track on how to make the most of your wedding hair and makeup trials...

  1. Book your trials only after you've got your dress and colour scheme sorted. These will really dictate the direction.
  2. Bring a beauty Pinterest board. Don't worry about the number of images, they are vital references - remember that your makeup artist (generally) doesn't know you or what you're thinking.
  3. Describe the vibe you're going for - is it a Boho, low-key affair, or are you five-starring it in a swanky hotel? Creative people work off mental images.
  4. Ask their opinions but don't be subsumed by them. Fresh eyes on you might be just the thing to get you out of an existing beauty rut, but if you're not connecting with what they are saying, speak up.
  5. Make sure there's enough time to try each idea. Makeup is easier to re-adapt but hair takes longer to re-style, so it's important that the stylist knows how many looks you'd like to try, in advance.
  6. If you can arrange it, it's a great idea to do both hair and makeup trials on the same day, hair first. Descriptions and phone images won't do the details justice.
  7. When it's all decided, ask your artist for a complete list of the products used and what they recommend you buy for touch ups. I always show my brides how to take the look into evening, so that they can add a bit more glamour, as the party progresses.
  8. Ask both hair and makeup what way they need you on the morning of the wedding - hair freshly washed or not, face moisturised or not.
  9. If you're planning on tanning, trial that too. Maybe a spray tan is too dark for you but a regular body lotion with gradual tan in it is the best way to add a subtle glow. You can do it yourself, just practise.
  10. Finally, remember that less is always more. Trust your instincts; if you're worried something is a little too much, it probably is.

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