Take Five: Vases for your Valentines (or Galentines) flowers

Now that we’ve said goodbye to the never-ending month of January, it’s finally time to gleefully spring into February and all the festivities that come along with it. We all know what comes hand-in-hand with the mention of the month and that is, of course, Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re partnered up with that special someone or getting ready for a Netflix night in with your girls, Valentine’s day has a long history of being a day for flowers. Big bouquets of lilies for your bestie or a delicate single rose for your new love interest, both have the power to brighten up the day, and what better way to enhance their display than adding a little something extra, like an interesting or decorative flower vase, to complete the look.

Whether you’re the one giving or receiving flowers, a vase is a staple statement that will proudly show off your spring blooms, or sit regally on a shelf until you need it next. We’ve compiled five of our top picks, including a variety of options to help you on your pursuit for the perfect Valentine’s Day vase.

  1. Simone Vase, €53, Anthropologie.

This unique vase made from tropical hardwood arrives in two different hues, giving a modern twist, and will freshen up any array of flowers.


2.  Newry Bottle, €42, Rebecca Killen, Irish Design Shop.

3. Burgundy brass ring flower vase, €29, Homelust.

If it’s elegance you're after this Art Deco hand-blown glass vase evokes the classic elegance of the glamorous 1930s.

4. Bump vase, €80, Tom Dixon


Tom Dixon’s Bump vase, inspired by laboratory apparatus, plays with transparency and translucency and is definitely a unique find for anyone looking to add an intriguing element to a single tulip.

5. Gold Mercurised glass decorative bottle, €22.99, Zara Home.

If you’re looking for a decorative piece then this oval-shaped gold glass vase is ideal for adding a little luxuriance to the living room or kitchen area.

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