Amp up the cosy factor with five living room rugs

Nothing quite says home like taking off your shoes. When you get in the door,  pop on the kettle and throw your feet up on the couch. We only do that in our own homes. Like running barefoot through the grass, there's something so grounding about discarding our shoes after a long day of work. The same call tempts us to abandon our plush couches and pleasing poufs to recline on the floor. With the right living room rugs, we don't have to give up comfort for a seat on the ground. And even when we'd rather choose the chair, the earth's materials and natural geometry will still reside beneath our feet.

Rugs are an ideal way to add an oomph of colour and texture that's portable and easily interchanged. Not like getting that dark navy wall you thought you'd like back to white or trying to return the too-big sofa to that online shop. As well as adding a warmth, rugs can really ground a space and make it look cohesive by tying in all of a room's elements. But just because it might act as the aesthetic glue, don't feel obligated to stick within the designated colour palette. In fact, it's best to choose colours that complement but not necessarily coordinate with your room colours.

So, we've selected a few of our favourites to bring the comfort of the earth, and the hope of spring, indoors.



The red, orange and pink hues of this rug will bring a sunrise warmth to a clean white room.

Tufted Maya Rug, from €295, Anthropologie

The sharp hexagonal design adds a touch of Northern Ireland's geology into your home.

Hexa Rug, €2252.92, Heal’s



A design reminiscent of mountains, this 100% leather rug speaks of time among Ireland's hills.

Talluhla Rug, €1680.64, Bolia


The elegant flowers and subdued colours in this handmade wool rug keep summer alive all year.

Meadow Flower I, from €815, Ceadogan Rug Makers



Overdyed and distressed, this hand-knotted wool design evokes the long-standing tradition of the living room rug.

Oriental Overdyed Rug, €1139, Woo Design


Featured image: Icelandic Sheepskin Extra Large Rug, €513.89, Heal’s

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