Something Old, Something New

Looking at this Victorian townhouse from the outside, you'd never picture the wonderfully quirky interior it hides - its traditional redbrick exterior walls envelop a fabulous showcase of owner?Jane McSherry's interior design talents. Her colourful mix of one-off finds and modern furniture melded with the house's original features make for a truly unique look. ?For me, colourful accessories are key, but you need to work with pieces that complement the Victorian space,? she smiles.

A self-confessed auction-house addict, Jane attends sales every week, citing Ross's and Bloomfield as a couple of her favourite haunts in Belfast. For her, following your heart is crucial to creating a space perfect for you. ?My rule is: if you see it and you like it, buy it and then work out where you will place it in the room - rather than the other way around,? she advises.

At times, the home is reminiscent of a laid-back art gallery, with framed prints and pictures propped casually against walls and chairs. Her maverick thinking is evident in cleverly positioned pieces, such as the large mirrored doors she uses to reflect light and brighten the rooms, and the ingenious postcard wall in the bathroom.

Although the house is brimming with so many different styles, patterns and colours, all of them work together in perfect harmony, making Jane's home a stunning testament to her creative vision.


Photography by Mark Scott / Styling by S?ne Sykes

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