This new restaurant in Temple Bar has the best brunch in Dublin

Often here in IMAGE HQ, we are very lucky to hear about the city's newest and most exciting venues before anyone else. It means we're never stuck for finding a place for a birthday party, but it also means we're never stuck for amazing food. And that's exactly what I found at Temple Bar's latest eatery - Crow Street restaurant.

I'm going to be honest with you - I was not in the best of health last Saturday. My boyfriend had just graduated with a PhD on Friday, which of course, called for a celebration. But post-celebration, we were in dire need of recovery food. I needed sustenance - hot, comforting, carb-filled sustenance. I remembered that we had got wind in work of a new restaurant in Temple Bar, which specialised in brunch, but had plenty of variety on the menu. Scoping out the website and seeing the words "comfort food" and "Irish soul food with an American edge" was enough for us - signed, sealed, delivered, we were off.

You'd almost miss Crow Street were you not seeking it out - nestled in the middle of a Temple Bar laneway, the muted shopfront isn't as loud as some other windows in the area. But once you're in, the interiors are perfect - warm and inviting while still being thoroughly modern. We were greeted by Bart, who looked after us so well over the next hour, we almost didn't want to leave for chatting.



Crow Street splits their food options between a few menus - brunch, lunch and dinner, with cocktail and dessert menus to boot. While we had the chance to go for the selection of unique and appetising dishes (including lamb shoulder, baby back ribs and chicken wings - drool), we wanted an authentic experience of a Saturday brunch - two full Irish, please.

The food

When I say this is the best breakfast in Dublin, I'm serious - this was the best breakfast I've had in ages. Perfectly poached eggs accompanied spiced baked beans and sauteed mushrooms, while the bacon, sausage and pudding were cooked to perfection (vegans, look away now). The boyfriend, a serial Mexican food fan, bagged himself a side of smoked chorizo, which I probably ate half of, it was so good. Washed down with fresh orange juice and a smooth hot chocolate, we were cured in ten minutes flat.

After the savoury portion was over, we indulged a bit and headed for the dessert menu, and settled on a passionfruit and white chocolate cheesecake (with two spoons). A thick biscuit base topped with soft and tangy cream cheese was the perfect cherry on top of what had been a truly gorgeous brunch. We had barely finished before making our plans to head back.

Due to our Saturday morning state, we, unfortunately, didn't take advantage of one of Crow Street's biggest pulls - bottomless brunch. To Bart's disbelief, we passed on the brilliant deal of bottomless cocktails (including margaritas and Cosmos) or Prosecco for two hours for an additional €20 on top of your food bill. Hot chocolate for now, but I will definitely be back to sample.

Book a table at Crow Street through their website here


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