Cook the perfect Christmas dinner with a free online class by chef-to-the-stars John Whelan

He's cooked for celebrities, royalty, and foreign dignitaries and now Chef John Whelan is offering a free online Christmas cookery demonstration. Amanda Cassidy on why she will be logging on.

Hands up if you are sick of Zoom.

Hand up, though, if you need all the help you can get when it comes to creating an accomplished Christmas dinner for whomever we are allowed have at our tables this year.

As far as I'm concerned, cookery is like art - you either have it or you don't. And as my family will attest, I wasn't born with that particular creative genius.


(Unless it comes to my scrambled eggs which are, not to brag... sublime.)

My only saving grace when it come to actual cooking is that if I follow the instructions to the letter, I am fair to middling. That's why when I was informed that the chef from the legendary Quaglino's in London (the Head Chef is MasterChef's John Torode) was offering a foodie opportunity to make a fabulously festive Christmas meal, I made myself (my husband made me) sign up.

Master Chef

Chef Whelan has cooked for the Queen Mother and Princess Diana at some of London’s most iconic buildings and restaurants. Working at Michelin standards in Private Dining Rooms, Merchant and Swiss Banks has allowed John to develop a unique style and flair which he now demonstrates at The Devil's Menu at Graiguenamanagh.


The event, in partnership with Evokekitchens, will see John creating two starters; a sweet potato veloute with parmesan crisps and a goats cheese honey and black pepper cream tart with red wine poached strawberry.


For mains, a delicious brined turkey crown stuffed turkey leg and a sage bread stuffing. This will be served with pickled carrots, roasted onions, and steamed olive oil-roasted potatoes.

For dessert (if you are still standing) is Chocolate olive oil cakes with raspberry sause, chocolate ganache, and creme fresh.

The event is designed to bring the art of festive culinary creations into your own home. And it will be taking place at 8 pm on Monday, November 30th, from the Waterford-based kitchens.

Whelan is known for using local produce, wildflowers, and foraging and will be also available for a questions and answers session on his experience, as well as giving invaluable kitchen tips.



So get your mulled wine ready, stick on a Christmas movie for the kids, and prepare to amaze yourself with the festive aromas wafting around your kitchen this winter.

If you are keen you can register your interest in attending at and you will be emailed the event link and all of the details.

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