Weekend Wardrobe Essentials

Is it Friday yet? We've rounded up our essential weekend wardrobe pieces so you don't have to waste any precious time on the trawl. Everyone needs a 100% faithful, flattering pair of jeans, a perfect white tee, runners and a biker jacket ?to get through the Irish summer, never mind a pair of denim shorts and a cute summer vesty should the clouds part and the madness descend but the right ones can prove?hard to track down. You are officially spared the legwork-?here're the?basics, all in a row,?at your disposal. Now for that lie in.

1. ?The killer leather jacket

A killer leather jacket

Leather biker jacket, €313 All Saints

2. A comfortable pair of shoes


A comfortable pair of shoes

Plimsoll trainers, €68.49 Superga on ASOS

3. A pair of denim shorts

A pair of denim shorts

Embellished shorts, €25.95 Zara

4. Some stripes

Some stripes


Striped cami, €19.18 ASOS

5. Great fitting jeans

Great fitting jeans

Jeans, €69 COS

6. A perfect?white tee

A plain white tee


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