This Apparel Brand Is The Most Valuable In The World

The most valuable apparel brand in the world has been named and it isn't Louis Vuitton or Dior. It isn't Zara or Cos or Preen, and it isn't Penneys, Hun.

The iconic slogan 'Just Do It' resonates more than ever, because Nike just keeping 'Doing It' again and again. For the second time, the super brand has been named as the most valuable apparel brand according to valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance. Then again, when you're reinventing what girls are made of, you're the first major sportswear brand to introduce a plus-size?range, and the first major sports brand to create a pro-hijab for athletic Muslim women, and your spokesperson is 'IT' girl Bella Hadid, it's no wonder Nike sits comfortably atop of the global fashion throne.

Despite some criticism?this year, Nike is currently valued at a staggering $32 billion USD, which compared to H&M - who ranked second on the list at $19 billion USD - there's no real competition when it comes to the numbers crunch.?Nike saw a 13 percent rise in brand value over last year (when it also topped the list) but it's unsurprising giving some of their recent launches, innovation in the industry (self-lacing shoes, I mean, come on!), and increasing popularity among influencers.?The athletic brand is followed by two massive fast-fashion retailers: H&M ($19 billion) and Zara ($14.4 billion), but you can see the full list below.


The list determines the 50'most valuable brands in the world and was composed using different metrics and factors such as "emotional connection, financial performance, consumer loyalty and sustainability among others".?Here is the top 10 brands are named below, but you can catch the full list here.

1. Nike - $32 billion
2. H&M - $19 billion
3. Zara - $14.4 billion
4. Louis Vuitton - $13 billion
5. Adidas - $10 billion
6. Uniqlo - $9.6 billion
7. Hermes - $8.3 billion
8. Rolex - $7 billion
9. Gucci - $6.8 billion
10.Cartier - $6.7 billion

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