The Re-Positioning of Gucci

The new Pre-Fall ad from luxury house Gucci hit radars today and it looks like quite the departure from the brand previously notorious for its almost untouchable levels of high octane glamour we saw in the Tom Ford era. The company's new creative director, Alessandro Michele, seems to have set down a more low-key, romantic narrative with the scene he shows.

In the ad we see a vignette of a liaison between a couple that is charged with something more subtly sexy than the outright shouting about it we've seen before. It portrays that languid, lazy space between couples that evolves when intimacy is a given. ?And we like it.



Whether this re-postioning serves to re-set the brand's ailing figures will remain to be seen. In 2014, their revenues fell about 2% while their operating profit fell almost 7%, which in luxury terms, is a problem. Does the new direction level the playing fields and allow more of us 'real people' into their luxurious space, or not? ?Time alone, will tell.


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