Style Crush: Lizzy Caplan

That is Lizzy Caplan owning a Roksanda Ilincic dress and she's our new favourite person...

Are you watching Showtime's?Masters of Sex? Because its leading lady, Ms Lizzy Caplan, was also?Mean Girls? Janis Ian and grew up into a total fox. The actress has been on our girl crush radar for years now with her stints on?True Blood and the short-lived yet amazing?Party Down, where she played a young divorc?e making ends meet with a gig in a catering company, marking her out as one to watch.

However, much as we adore Janis Ian's one-liners - ?You smell like a baby prostitute.? - that eye-liner is too genuinely secondary school to have on the apisrational board on Pinterest. No, Caplan truly arrived on the We Love Her scene late last year with her leading role in television hit?Masters of Sex. The acclaimed period drama tells the story of Virginia Johnson and Dr. William Masters and the controversial sociological study they pioneered exploring the sex lives of women and men. Caplan's character is a true trailblazer, a single mom without a formal education who proves an indispensible secretary and partner, in both senses of the word, to Dr. Masters. In the show Virginia highlights the professional difficulties women faced, as well as personal opprobrium for having healthy and active sex lives. It's all very thought-provoking and the sassy Virginia has the wardrobe to match.


Fictional character gives good down time too. Subdued knits and good brows do an Autumn/Winter fashion plan make.

Also, this Alberta Feretti blue velvet look with Christian Louboutin heels from last year's promo tour for the series gets a gold star.

While Lizzy is working the whole capable and sensual career woman on the small screen we want to take time to appreciate her?cinematic appearances. Her character in the 2012 black comedy?Bachelorette - think?Bridesmaids only with skewers for a heart instead of cute Chris O'Dowd - worked such amazing bangs that we may keep some photos on our phone for the hairdressers.

Also, she makes midriff-baring look chic rather than a festival fashion moment we will all live to regret.


Caplan plus Golden Globes equals vintage Hollywood glamour.

And she's got a wicked sense of irony if this hilariously cutting fashion film she starred in a while back is anything to go by. As a faux ing?nue IT girl, Caplan says, ?Sometimes I think to myself in French.?

Jeanne Sutton?@jeannedesutun

FASHION FILM from?Matthew Frost on?Vimeo.

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