Lena Dunham Models Lingerie In Unedited Campaign Photos

Lena Dunham, alongside Girls co-star Jemima Kirke, both'star in New Zealand-based?lingerie manufacturers latest campaign. Lonely Lingerie is an on-going project that aims to celebrate the strength and individuality of women and creates lingerie, swimwear, and clothing that embraces and empowers them. Lonely photograph real women in real situations - without any touch-ups - to showcase their beautiful undergarments and each collection?aims to foster healthy conversation around body confidence and body empowerment.

The untouched photos come after the writer and actress publicly expressed her dislike towards retouching in the fashion industry and after her trouble with?Spanish magazine 'Tentaciones' earlier this year. Denham was under the influence that her cover shot was over-retouched; resulting in an awkward Instagram post on Dunham's account accusing the magazine of false advertising.?It turned out that Dunham - who?is a long-time body positive campaigner - learned?that the photo had been retouched before they used it.

The experience prompted Dunham to call time to the airbrushing of her images in the public domain. She said she recognised the conflicting ideals?of showing her real body on screen and then allowing a cropping tool transform it into something else entirely - a process she had only recently come to terms with. ?I didn't ask questions because it feels nice to look at a photo of yourself where everything that's ever felt like too much is suddenly under perfect, glossy control, but I'm done with allowing images that retouch and reconfigure my face and body to be released into the world,? she said.

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Spanish magazine Tentaciones


Lonely keep their campaign simple, elegant, and to the point: that beauty comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.?It's a gentle reminder that all bodies are good bodies; beautiful, and that anyone can wear lingerie that makes make them feel great. ?Captured by Zara Mirkin and?Harry Were, the photos were taken in Dunham's native New York and show the pair in a relaxed home environment doing what they do best; be real women. And don't they look amazing?

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