If You Saw The Dress As White And Gold, Your Brain Is More Active

Remember ?The Dress?? Will we ever forget it. The day the internet descended into madness. The office lunchtime conversation that had you googling cyanide for the afternoon. Well, that abomination of cloth is back with a scientific study claiming it has found a reason for why so many people disagreed on whether it was black and blue or white and gold.

Apparently, those who saw the dress as white and gold use certain parts of their brain more than others. Scientitsts divided people into two groups depending on how they saw the dress. Then the subjects were subjected to a MRI scanner which measured what was happening in their brains. The colours on their own didn't differentiate the two groups, but when put in the context of the dress, everything changed. The people who saw white and gold flared up in the frontal and parietal brain areas, which are associated with cognitive processes like taking in visual information, decision-making and attention, according to The Independent.

The paper, The Brain's Dress Code: How The Dress allows to decode the neuronal pathway of an optical illusion, says that the scientists hope to use the results to ?provide a fundamental building block to study interindividual differences in visual processing.? Who knew this optical illusion was going to be so important?


Via The Independent

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