How To: Keep Your Handbag in Pristine Condition

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We put?our bags through so much (and we recently found out that our precious friend that accompanies us wherever we go also?carries quite a lot of bacteria). So do remember to keep your bag clean. If?you splash out and buy a gorgeous designer bag, you'll want it to look its best for as long as it possibly can. If you follow these simple tips, your handbag will keep its luxurious looks for some years to come and the investment will be well worth it.

  1. Use a bag liner to store your belongings and keep the inside lining of your bag clean and fresh. Liners are?especially useful if you change handbags regularly; have a wide selection.
  2. Store your bag in the dust cover provided. This will not only keep your purchase dust-free, but will also prevent fading and reduce the chance of it being scratched or marked, which can happen just as easily at home as on the trot.
  3. Designer bags can easily lose their shape, which causes the leather to look creased or damaged. So make a point of stuffing yours at the end of the day. Remove the bag liner inside and insert some bubble wrap, without over-stuffing, as this can cause the leather to stretch.
  4. If you have a designer handbag that's now looking the worse for wear, visit they know their skins, and their labels. You can post your bag to these specialist craftspeople, along with written instructions, and they will liaise with you as to the best method of repair.

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