Google Search Predicts Fashion Trends

Earlier this week we looked at how Google search trends tell us how women feel about their bodies, hint: not good, and now the data is showcasing what fashion trends are genuinely catching on. This is the first time the internet giant has published the Fashion Trends Report and the number geeks have amassed data from the past three years to see which fashion terms have caught on, albeit in the United States only.

So, what are potential shoppers looking for? Tulle skirts are a major hitter, with searches for the pretty ballet-inspired item jumping 34% from January 2014 to January 2015. People are sticking to classic colours when it comes to this dainty dancer's skirt, opting for black or white. People are using terms such as ?Carrie Bradshaw?, ?layered? and ?bridal? to find their perfect skirt, and they're even looking for DIY videos too.

Jogger pants are also on the up. Men, women, children and toddlers are all associated with this search. So far, so traditional. However, the style of jogger pants being searched are a bit out there, with emoji ones ranking highest, followed by leather, cameo and denim with galaxy and sequin rounding up the varieties.

Midi skirts have been growing in searches since their revival in 2013. In the past three years, searches for midis have grown nine times.

Silk blouses are also making a comeback, seeing a 143% growth in searches. Denim is also a major player, with denim dresses shooting up nearly 200% and biker jeans up 552%. That's a lot of people missing Sons of Anarchy.


And as for the trends in decline? Vintage clothing ain't as hot as it used to be, and peplum dresses are seeing a sustained loss of searches. The same can be said of 2014's darling normcore and nineties jeans.

One of the most popular fashion searches won't surprise anyone. Searches for the ?blue and black dress? grew by 215,408% in the past year.


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