Get Kendall's Relaxed Airport Style

Can Kendall Jenner do any wrong right now? That'd be a no. Not only is she nailing her red carpet outfits (that green Calvin Klein dress at the Met Gala was just dreamy in a sultry Poison Ivy kinda way), but she's also a pro at making casualwear look incredibly cool. Here we break down her airport style and show you how to do transit comfort with first class flair.

Kendall Jenner leaving the airport Photo:

You could opt for her original Mui Mui Metallic toe sneakers ($495) or test out these gorgeous look-a-likes for €26 at


This cosy ribbed Topshop top is almost indentical to Kendall's and a steal at only €14. Not only is it ideal for comfortable travelwear, you can pair it with skinny jeans, bright heels and a statement necklace for a night out. Kendall-esque and a multi-tasker? Yes please.

These super-soft linen tapered trousers from H&M are a dead-ringer for Kendall's pair and the light material will keep you cool and comfortable in the air and wherever you're jetting off to.

If you're not willing to splash out Kendall's Balenciaga Classic handbag (it'll cost you about 1,500 big ones), this Milly zip detail bag from is the perfect alternative and it's much more budget friendly at €25.


The final touch to this outfit is the shades - no Kardashian/Jenner can live without a pair either on a perfectly contoured nose or adding volume to their insanely shiny hair. Try these Quay Australia Encounter sunglasses from ASOS (?34.25).


So now you have your travel outfit sorted all you need to do is book that holiday.


Lauren Heskin

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