Gallery: 44 Standout Fashion Moments From The Grammys

Fashion on The Grammys red carpet tends to fall into two categories: celebrities either go so OTT that the effect is comical, or they go too formal - it isn't the Oscars, after all. The musical awards have gained notoriety through the years when it comes to fashion, and we would argue that Jennifer Lopez is the woman who started it all. Not only was her amazing Versace gown responsible for the development of Google Images, but it also put her and indeed, the award show'red carpet, firmly on the map.

In honour of the 58th annual Grammy Awards taking place Stateside this evening, we've put together a gallery of standout fashion moments from the years gone by (we've already gone through the beauty moments, see them here). Some are good, some are great, and some are just really, really bad.

Remember when Destiny's Child wore a trio of identical outfits and no one passed judgment? Or the fact that Christina Aguilera had braids for around two years? (we forgot too). Or when Taylor Swift was all, "I'll NEVER be a pop singer"? It's also worth noting that Rihanna has slain almost every one of the Grammy red carpets she's ever walked on (bar last year; the jury's still out on that one).


Have a look at all these moments and more as we await a fresh Grammys fashion extravaganza tomorrow morning.

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