Dear fashion industry, please give us more dresses and skirts with pockets

The lack of dresses and skirts with pockets is one of the greatest injustices to befall women, writes Edaein O' Connell

Is there anything better than a pocket?

Evolution was onto something when it gave kangaroos pouches. Those pouches are very handy. Imagine having the space to keep a child and possibly a carton of milk on you at all times?

Us humans have tried to emulate it by creating similarly shaped pockets in hoodies. And while this was an amazing feat of engineering, I can't quite understand why there aren't more pockets on dresses and skirts.


Support system

There are pockets everywhere. On jeans, gym leggings, overalls, bags, shirts and even t-shirts but not a pocket to be seen on a skirt or a dress.

I have yet to meet a woman who has a put on a dress with pockets and complained. The most common response is "Oh Jesus! And it has pockets! Isn't that great?" It is said with such awe, love and enthusiasm that the adoration would knock you over.

A pocket is a support system. There have been many times where I have stood alone in rooms full of people I don't know. Stiff with terror, my hands awkwardly fall at my sides. My body language is hunched and nervous. Then, I remember I have my pockets and I change. Once my hands reach those inlets, my body straightens. I am confident but nonchalant. Irish but could be mistaken for French. Suddenly, I look like a woman who knows what she wants and where to get it but I am not in a rush.

I also have space for tissues, lipstick, my phone, spare change and a mint.

At a wedding, a dress or skirt with pockets is ideal for keeping the card with the cash safe. The clutch is too small but the pocket is just right.


Running out the door and just want to bring bank card and keys? Pockets are the answer.

Need constant snacks throughout the day but want to hide them discreetly? Pockets, of course.

Open letter

And it isn't just dresses and skirts that need more pockets. There is a clear disparity between male and female blazers. Male blazers feature a very tactful and useful inside pocket, while the female equivalent is all lining and no action.

Then we are faced with those pockets that have to be cut open first. Once revealed, they are a disappointment to behold – too small in both length and width, almost like a bad date.

Us females deserve more than the lot we were born with. Like the women before us, we must fight for what we want.

And so, this is my open letter to designers and retailers everywhere to give us what we need and deserve.


The very thing we long for. More than all the money and love in the world combined.


6 dresses and skirts with pockets

Joseph Idea leather midi skirt, €895 at Net A Porter

ASOS Design super soft exposed seam patch pocket midi dress, €44.24 at ASOS


Talbot Runhof boucle midi dress, €1,159 at Net A Porter

ASOS Design midi skirt with pockets in pink and blue spot print, €27.65 at ASOS

Voluminous dress with seam details, €79 at Cos


A-Line broderie anglaise skirt, €79 at Arket

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