The Best Shopping Websites For Styling Ideas

Looking for a new way to wear something old but beloved? Searching for fresh ways to'rework your basics? These three shopping websites are?a great source of quirky but accessible styling ideas.


This website has always been one of my foremost reference points when it comes to looking for fresh combinations. Yellow paired with pink, a formal button-front shirt worn beneath a casual, slogan tee - J.Crew makes it work. What's more, they've started using "real" women rather than models in their campaigns so you can see exactly how pieces work on different shapes and sizes.

How to work city whites in summer? Here's how. Spanish retailer always injects a certain attitude into each of its looks that really appeals to me. The styling is less elaborate than at J.Crew, but there's a subtle distinction to each outfit?that can be easily translated by you and by me. I love how they've made summer whites look anything but frilly here.



I rarely shop in-store at Zara anymore, but prefer to browse online where the items are pieced together in a cool and contemporary fashion. A corset top is nowhere on my wish list, yet this outfit immediately caught my eye and has me second-guessing myself.

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