Behold, The New #TheDress Phenomenon: Which Colour Matches?

If you remember, not so long ago, we all lost our minds over 'The Dress'. Well there's a new viral image phenomenon about to explode all over the internet and it's got us totally stumped. Which nail polish colour matches this shoe? Casting aside the fact that this is a pretty nasty colour to begin with, in the same way that dress was just hideous, the colour really plays with our eyes.

Which one do you think matches best? For this writer, when I look at the shoe first, it seems to match best with the polish on the right. But when I look at the purple colour to the left, and then to the shoe, they seem to match up perfectly. Luckily, we happen to keep some Panadol nearby for the major headache this has just kindly bestowed upon us. What do you see?! Comment below.


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