5 Rules to Nail Your Signature Style

Our fashion editor distills the secrets of finding your signature style...

The most powerful people in fashion have a signature style. Find your fashion uniform and keep it looking fresh every day with these simple style rules?

1 Wear classics: Certain garments have stood the test of time - a well-cut white shirt, a single-breasted blazer - so invest in key pieces?that suit your shape, and build your wardrobe around them. Take inspiration from Kate Moss, who has built her day-to-day look around simple combinations of skinny pants, T-shirts and masculine blazers.

2 Don't be a slave to trends: Be aware of what's walking down the runway, but don't be driven by it. Stick to shapes and styles that work for? you, then embrace seasonal trends ?through accessories. Former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld has described her look as 'sombre and almost classically Parisian?, yet it never looks stale, as she always adds a stylish twist that nods to each season's trend.


3 Vary your theme: A signature ?look can easily be freshened up by incorporating different fabrics and textures into your outfit. Adding tonal layers will lend a point of difference and prevent your look becoming stale. Director of women's fashion at Bergdorf Goodman Linda Fargo incorporates colour and texture beautifully into her wardrobe.

4 Find a favourite item: Whether it's oversized sunglasses, - la Anna Wintour, or skinny pants like Emmanuelle Alt wears, find the item that works best for you and make it a cornerstone of your wardrobe.

5 Pick a colour: Choose clothes in shades that will enhance your complexion. These should form the bedrock of your wardrobe, and can be complemented with other flattering accent colours.



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