20 Pre-Christmas Sale Items That Are Probably Selling Out As You Read This

Can we have a moment of silence for the fearless women and men of the retail world who are probably entering their 11th hour on the tills?

For anyone working in retail (or any public sector, for that matter) the next 72 hours can be a hell-on-earth experience (I know, I've done my share of Stephens' Day sales). And, in turn, it can be incredibly stressful for shoppers too unless you're one of the first few up at the crack of dawn to nab your favourite bag. To save both you and the brave retailers of the country time, money, and mental strength, I've compiled a handy list of pre-Christmas Day sales happening online right now for you to shop from the warmth of your sofa (which I fully endorse).


Top, left-right; textured structured coat, €69.95.Striped embroidery blouse, €24.95. Bottom, left-right; crystal appliqué t-shirt, €14.95. Checkered wool-blend coat, €69.95.



Top, left-right; Turtleneck frill long sleeve jumper, €550 at Valentino. Stripe straight asymmetric skirt, €162.38 at Jour/Né. Bottom, left-right; Alice croco effect shearling mules, €185 at Robert Clergerie. Perle floral print long sleeve T-Shirt, €61.27 at Molly Goddard.


Top, left-right; trousers with contrasting stripe, €15.99. polka dot blouse with bow, €17.99. Bottom, left-right; long sleeve top with piping, €7.99. High heel blutchers with sock detail, €19.99.



Top, left-right; gold-plated multi-stone earrings, €426 at Percossi Papi. Printed silk-twill scarf, €67 at Marc Jacobs. Bottom, left-right; cropped pleated wool-blend wide-leg pants, €270 at Chalayan. Floral-print satin dress, €150 at Ganni.


Top, left-right; metallic shopper bag, €10. Angel sleeve printed blouse, €25. Bottom, Double-zip crop wide leg trousers, €34.Wide shoulder coat, €80.

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