Social Pics: Tomato Red Screening At The Audi Dublin International Film Festival

Anna Friel along with actors Julia Garner, Nick Roux and Jake Weary take to the red carpet for the screening of Tomato Red screening at the Audi Dublin International Film Festival.

Directed by Juanita Wilson the film stars Anna Friel, Julia Garner, Nick Roux and Jake Weary. The films tells the story of Jamalee, whose? tomato red hair suitably matches her rage and ambition, and small town American life just won't do. Her dreams are made in Hollywood, among tuxedos and palm trees. Her brother Jason, blessed with drop-dead good looks, is the local object of female obsession and their ticket out of town. But the Ozarks can be a very dangerous place. Their ex-con sidekick Sammy is meant to be the muscle they need to get out, but not even he can protect them from everything.


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