Nike Russia Releases Powerful Ad That Totally Redefines What Girls Are Made Of

...And it's definitely not marmalade and gossip.

From athletic doping scandals, legalising domestic violence, and ongoing political turmoil, Russia has crossed the controversy line a lot this year already (and it's still only March). But with the help of Nike, Russian women are determined to prove they're made of more.

The ad shows a beautiful young Russian?girl singing a well known Russian folk song to a large crowd in an auditorium. The song is, essentially, an old-fashion sonnet declaring that little girls are made up of things like "flowers", "gossip", and "marmalade", and is a gentle reminder why feminism is important in modern life.

The audience - old oligarchs and their wives - smile pleasantly at the little girl's?gentle words, before well-known Russian female athletes appear before the little girl's eyes, giving her confidence to rise above age-old ideals about what women ought to do and look like. The little girls tune quickly turns from "flowers and gossip" to "self-dedication", "presence of grace" "bravery", and "skill".


The ad closes with the little girl getting ready to score the final goal in a soccer match, and the look of determination and passion in her sweet face is the motivation we all need today. We got this, girls.

See the full ad below.

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