L Mulligan Grocer

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A self-purported ?eating and drinking emporium?, at first glance L Mulligan Grocer resembles an old mans? pub. But delve a little deeper ??the food and drink menus inserted into long-forgotten novels, beer pairing suggestions, jam jars stuffed with wild flowers, Scrabble tile 'reserved? signs - and you'll discover a much younger, hipper demographic. The menu is full of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, so subject to change, however it's unlikely they'll ever get rid of the popular Scotch egg starter - free range egg encased in seasoned rare-breed pork and a herb crumb (there is also a vegetarian version). If you like your food steeped in booze then L Mulligan is manna, from steamed mussels in a Leffe Blond broth to Connemara whiskey butter with ribeye steak to Hoegaarden gravy with the Sunday roast. And drinks-wise L Mulligan ticks all the boxes and more, boasting over 100 imported craft beers in addition to their Irish portfolio, and in excess of 150 international whiskies ??*hic!*L_MULLIGAN_1

Top table?Wherever you can grab one. The front part is more pub while the back area is more restaurant. And in summertime, it's everybody outside to the smoking area.

Who to bring?Your mates. Grab a table, chew the proverbial fat, sample each other's craft beers, and get stuck into?Connect4?or?Guess Who, or play Jenga with chips.

What to wear?Men: A beard. Women: Not a beard.

Drinking games?There's a pub quiz on the last Sunday of every month, with optional donations going to a charity of the winning team's choice.


Learn more A tasting event held every second Saturday, when host Colin Hession presents eight craft beers tempered by yummy finger food.


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