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Marie Kondo wants your WFH space to spark joy

by Holly O'Neill
15th Apr 2020

Does your workspace spark joy?

While it is a scary, anxiety-inducing, stressful time, the longer it goes on, the more benefits I can see from All This. This forced additional time at home allows you to rest, slow down and recover from burnout. There is more time to connect with loved ones, whether the ones you live with, the friends you’re FaceTiming or the family you’re teaching how to Zoom. It’s also a good time to re-evaluate what is important to us and to think about how we used to spend our time pre-pandemic. I don’t think anyone I know will be happy to go back to life exactly as it was before.

Thankfully, Marie Kondo has cropped up again, just when we needed her. She came to us first in January last year on Netflix, when we needed to reorganise our homes. Now she’s back with a new book to help you think about the career that will spark the most joy for you.

‘Joy at Work: Organising Your Professional Life,’ (Hachette), out now, was written by Marie Kondo in collaboration with Scott Sonenshein, an organisational psychologist. Scott focuses on organising your digital life for efficiency, and Marie speaks about finding joy in your work and of course, tidying your space.

Alexa Chung’s workspace, @alexachung

Is your workspace at home sparking joy for you?

“Knowing where everything is can be a big factor in your overall efficiency,” Marie Kondo tells Grazia. “Taking the time to care about what comes into view when you’re working from your desk can really calm your mind. Try tidying in the Konmari Method, by category – so you dedicate one day to sorting out your books, another day for documents, and another for stationary and so forth.”

Don’t forget to add the joy sparking though. “You’re working from home, so you can control your environment,” she tells Grazia. “Whatever items uplift you and brighten your mood are fine – family photos, flowers, or anything that helps you relax.”

‘Joy at Work: Organising Your Professional Life,’ by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshien (Hachette) is out now. 

Photography by Netflix.

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