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Manly Men Have Less Healthy Sperm

by Jeanne Sutton
08th Sep 2014

Gerard Butler in 300.

Forget the alpha male of your 1980s bonkbuster novel dreams. Banish all Rupert Campbell-Black fantasies from that blushing mind of yours. Next time someone says ‘paleo’, you reply that actually the whole caveman aesthetic sets off evolutionary biology alarms in us females. The Journal of Evolutionary Biology has just published a study that found the more masculine-looking a man is around the face area, the less healthy his semen.

To come to these very important results, male students gave sperm samples, which were then examined in a lab. Then other students studied photographs of their faces and rated how attractive they founded said donors as long-term partners. When all those results were correlated, it was surmised that increased levels of testosterone hamper sperm production. So lay off the 300 workout boys.

You learn something new/possibly useful every day.

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun