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Beyonce’s 5 Craziest Demands

23rd Jan 2015

beyonce performing on stage

We’ve always had huge respect for the fact that Beyonce knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to be defiant about achieving it, but sometimes our beloved Queen B just simply goes too far. This would be one of many of those times.

beyonce feyonce

Image via TMZ

Just in case you were planning on buying these very cute (but equally cringe-worthy) Etsy mugs for the recently engaged in your life, Beyonce has put her foot down.

The term ?feyonce? was deemed by her and her legal team as too derivative of her closely monitored brand (she was particularly bothered by the accent over the E, apparently), and a legal letter was sent to the seller. Inevitably, the profile has since been deleted from Etsy.

It did start us thinking, how far will the icon’s kind of crazy requests go? Will we eventually be forced to watch Bey do her thing from behind glass with our phones and cameras safely confiscated?

Here are just some of the other commandments she insists us mere mortals must follow:

1. Her rider, which contains a specific temperature and that all furniture be white. Her bizarre dressing room requests insist that the temperature be set at 72 degrees, that there be two ?white area rugs? and that there be Jo Malone grapefruit candles ever present.

We’re with you a little bit on that last one though, Beyonce.


IMAGE via Facebook.com/MusicPhotographers

2. The photographers allowed into her shows, i.e. none. After the Superbowl fiasco of 2013, the singer attempted to ban all non-approved photographers for her entire Mrs. Carter tour. We’re not even joking. And while we’re on it?


Image via Huffington Post

3. The fact that she tried to ban this photo from THE INTERNET. Does she understand how the internet works? Beyonce is clearly an incredibly intelligent woman, so we can only assume that her power has clouded her vision of the basic rules of technology and law.

4. Her on-tour diet. If the Daily Star’s reports are to be believed, among demanding red toilet paper and that the toilet seat be changed, Bey also allegedly asks that ?a platter of almonds and oatcakes? be provided, and that her salad bar be ?green only?. These, of all food items to request, are pretty grim.

Beyonce, we love you and do truly think you’re flawless, but we’re not sure anyone really needs red toilet paper.

Credit: TMZ.com