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5 Simple Ways to Start Your Year on Top

06th Jan 2015

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Needless to say, the majority of people on social media this week are collectively bemoaning the inevitable return to work after a long, mince pie-filled break and the fact that a grey, cold January lies ahead. It’s understandable, but it needn’t be so. Jumping on the ‘ugh, January, fml’ buzz won’t do much for your sense of wellbeing. Fear not, dear readers, for that is where we come in.

There are many reasons to be glad of January’s arrival.?Ultimately, it’s as fresh a start as you’re going to get. 2014 is done and dusted, as is every year that went before it. Any unpleasant experiences you’ve endured heretofore are now in the past, where they will remain forever more. Any mistakes you’ve made before are now yours to learn from. Though you can really choose to start anew on any of the 365 days, there’s something special about the turn of the year that gives you that extra kick. Should you choose to embrace a positive mental attitude, only good things can lie ahead. There’s no reason why 2015 can’t be one of your best years yet. It’s yours for the taking, isn’t it?

January brings with it the opportunity to set new goals and new intentions, be they professional or personal. What’s more, if like us you’ve spent most of Christmas under your duvet with the flu, January gives us the break we need to recharge our batteries, upgrade our immune systems and wrap ourselves up with early nights and much needed TLC. It’s a chance to be really, really nice to yourself. And don’t forget, having passed the winter solstice on December 21st, we’re officially on the road towards spring. Hurrah!

Here’s a few simple tips on how best to prepare yourself for a brand new year.

1. Update your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Even if you’re blissfully happy in your current job, there’s no harm in dusting off your resum? and adding in any new achievements. This will contribute towards your sense of moving forward. What’s more, you never know who’s looking or what opportunities lie around the corner.

start your year on top

2. Decide what kind of travel you’d like to strike off your list in 2015.

Even if you’re not in a position to get booking just yet, an idea of a plan will give you something to look forward to, and something to motivate you. Write out a tentative budget plan of what you’ll need to get you there. There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as looking up exotic beaches, knowing you’ll soon be there, as the rain beats heavily down on your windows.

start your year on top

3. Cull your social media ‘friends’.

Let’s face it, half of the people we’re friends with on Facebook are anything but. Do you really care what they’re up to? Do you really want people who you wouldn’t cross the street to speak to seeing all of your updates? Are you guilty of comparing yourselves to others? Yep, us too. Rethink those you’re connected with and reduce your circle to those that count. It’s quite a liberating activity.

start your year on top

4. De-clutter your living space.

No, you don’t have to wait until springtime for a spring clean. January really is the best time for it. You’re not up to much else, you won’t be missing out on glorious sunshine and your house/apartment is probably packed full of crap from Christmas and all that you’ve hoarded over the previous year. Nothing quite compares to the smug levels reached when you gut your living space from top to bottom, bagging up clothes that haven’t seen the light of day for years, binning old receipts that do nothing but gather dust and sorting through piles of washing that went unloved over the festive period. In the process, it de-clutters your mind, leaving you feeling organised, calm and in control. Give it a try, it’s totally worth it.

start your year on top

5. Forget what everyone else is doing and set your own, manageable wellness wheels in motion.

The streets are crowded with runners and walkers. Ignore them. So determined are some folk, they’re even jogging with their babies in prams and their dogs chasing after them on leashes. This won’t last for too long, as we tend to collectively bite off more than we can chew after Christmas. Decide what contributes towards your own sense of wellbeing, be it yoga, meditation, a juice cleanse, a gym membership or even a self defense course, but don’t make the mistake of taking on too much. Do not succumb to the pressures that ‘well, everyone else is doing this, I must be doing something wrong if I’m not joining a boxercise-come-aqua-Tae-Kwondo class.’ You’re doing fine.

start your year on top

Above all else, take each day as it comes.

And don’t forget, ?The future depends on what you do today.? ~ Ghandi

Any wellness tips to add?


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