Why Applying Make-up ?On The Go? Has Its Downsides

We have all fallen victim to that last minute scramble to finish our make-up on the commute to work. You've had the morning from hell - why does the alarm never go off when it should? - and it wasn't your intention to attend that morning meeting with a ?barely there? beauty look, so as you squeeze into the last available seat on a packed train, you whip out your make-up bag to apply those all important finishing touches; the flick of eyeliner, dash of blush and wobbly application of your?favourite lipstick shade.

There has long been debate about the etiquette of make-up application on public transport (how big of a deal is it really?), but now women are being urged to take extra care when applying their make-up on the move as a sudden jolt could cause you to scratch your corneas.

According to Dr Susan Blakeney, clinical adviser to the College of Optometrists, as well as the added potential for eye poking (we've often done this at home as well to be fair), this can leave the eyes more vulnerable to "unpleasant infections" if the surface is injured.

According to the Daily Mail, Dr Blakeney's warnings follow concerns that women could be lining themselves up for unnecessary - and very unpleasant - eye problems by failing to put in place common-sense routines.

Dr Blakeney said: ?Talking about good make-up hygiene and habits may seem trivial, but we're keen to encourage people to take some simple steps, such as hand-washing and taking notice of expiry information, that may help minimise potential risks to eye health.?


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?The modern-day phenomenon of applying make-up on the journey to work undoubtedly increases the risk of scratching and subsequently infecting your cornea,? she said.

Her concerns emerged as a survey of UK make-up users revealed over half do not check the instructions to see how long they should keep their mascara. Almost a fifth admitted they didn't even know that expiry information even existed on such products. We recently wrote about knowing when it's time to throw your old make-up in the bin, so her concerns have some merit to them. Though not life altering, it simply isn't healthy to be using old or expired products on the skin, as all avid beauty product users will know.

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Blakeney also added that sharing certain make-up products was a big no-no. ?You wouldn't share your toothbrush with anyone else, yet over half of 16-24-year-olds admit sharing their mascara with friends and family,? she continued.

She added that eyeliner should only be worn one the skin outside of the eyelashes, as on the wet side of the eyelid, it may block glands that producing one ingredient in tears.

While we want to avoid causing our eyes any damage, provided you adequately clean your make-up brushes and applicators on the regular and know to avoid obviously loaning out your mascara if you have an eye infection, the potential for risk should be easily avoidable.


What are your thoughts on the applying make-up-on-the-move debate?

Via Daily Mail

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