How to use your Gua Sha tool (because sometimes we need instructions!)

The gua sha tool isn't self-explanatory – far from it. Mine has been holed up on my bathroom shelf for the longest time, so I went in search of advice on how to best use it...

Gua Sha tools are having a moment right now, and where jade rollers used to rule the roost, in steps this Chinese medicinal ritual that is said to increase blood flow and circulation, lift and sculpt your face and drain away toxins.

The magic of the Gua Sha tool

Gua sha tools can be used anywhere on the body, but for my purposes, I have a small, rose quartz one that is meant for the face. Gwyneth Paltrow has recommended some not-so-good beauty 'rituals' in the past (we'll not dwell on them) but when it comes to her love for gua sha, I was happy to try it, as it came recommended by my facialist friends and my reflexologist.


Below are the three YouTube tutorials I watched, and under each are the nuggets of info I found best in each one, in case you're pressed for time.


  • Before you start, do your normal cleansing routine
  • Add a facial oil, a few drops will do
  • Don't use the gua sha on bare skin
  • Start on your neck, repeating each upwards motion five times
  • Always scrape in an upwards motion


  • You can use a cleansing oil or cleansing balm as a lubricant for using the tool
  • Always work upwards and towards the lymph nodes
  • Use the largest plain of the tool on your neck and cheeks
  • When using the tool on your forehead, do upwards movements and horizontal movements, never downwards
  • You can use your gua sha on puffy eyes


  • Use the heart-shaped part along your jawline to relieve tension
  • You can also use the heart-shaped part on either side of your cheekbone
  • Use enough pressure that you feel you're working your face muscles, but not so much that it hurts
  • Your face might go a little red, don't worry, a little redness is normal because you are stimulating blood flow
  • Use the flat edge to stretch the muscles and skin around your mouth area

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